Small, frequent meals are best for your fish. This mimics the way they eat in nature, plus it’s easier on their tank’s filtration system.

Feed your fish 2-3 times a day, give them only as much as they can eat in a few minutes, and remove any uneaten food.

Developed by a Marine Biologist
Creates less waste, cleaner water
Contains no artificial colors or dyes

Fish depend on protein to provide them with 10 essential amino acids they need to thrive. Most fish foods add too much protein while still not meeting the minimum amino acid requirement. The problem is, all that extra protein isn’t digestible. Fish end up excreting it, and polluting their water.

After a year of research, Wardley Advanced Nutrition has formulated the optimum fish diet. Perfect Protein provides required levels of all 10 essential amino acids, with minimal excess. Fish get better nutrition, less waste and cleaner water.

Available in Tropical, Betta, Goldfish, and Cichlid varieties.

Made in the USA
Wardley® The trusted name in fish care since 1950.